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Leaving today for a night in some woodlands with the company of good hearted souls, possibly scavenge some good treasures on the way up there, take some photos of the beautiful land this summers fest is being held on, getting some pouches done and will be doing another large upload on friday <3 

Again if there are any of you who would not only like to attend but like to vend as well… please shoot me a message! I will be compiling a photo flier of all the venders and their products <3 
If you are interested in vending, you must submit a vending application with your information, sites and contact : ) 
here is the link http://thirstforlight.com/vending/

necklace of hammered wire, salvaged beads and as little vial with a tarantula leg molt 


little stag 



late night wine, etsy photoshoot and owl pellet dissection 



received this beauty in the mail though i am having a hard time identifying the specific species of butterfly this is…. any knowledge? 

natural stamps.