Hand And The Eye raffle

My husband is hosting a giveaway raffle through his etsy shop ( hand and the eye)! Every customer from here to the 15th of august will have their name thrown into a jar, on the 15th he will randomly choose a winner and that lucky person gets the gifts pictured below <3  
This raffle is to thank you guys for the support and keeping the shop alive!

More items will be uploaded within the next week. 


The gifts are 
- sun weathered vertebra 
- Antler slice necklace 
- small wood burnt pendant 
- piece of amethyst 
- little bug box with large cicada molt 
- plastic skeleton hand
- little bit of reindeer moss 
- rib bone 

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Whered you get that seahorse?!?

I got those from a local antique flea market : ) they were acquired from a old estate sale or something? 
Such cute little things <3 

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Do you wear pjs? Have house clothes or do you dress like youre going out when not

haha, i have actually received this question before. 
Most of what i wear is stretch pants, super stretchy tank tops, some times ill wear a dress…. occasionally ill wear jeans. 
But for the most part, its stretch pants or some sort of stretch comfortable dress. 
Which is nice because they can totally become pajamas if need be          ( which happens frequently ) i do however technically wear pj’s sometimes…. men boxers and tanks, or old slips <3 
Much rather my wardrobe be comfortable!

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WolfTea Raffle

My husband and i are hosting raffles for both our etsy shops! 
From now until august 15th every customer will automatically get their name thrown in a hat( or bowl of sorts ), on the 15th i will choose a name from the hat and that person will receive the gifts pictured below.
These are little tokens of appreciation for your support to the shop, for your inspiration and for keeping both my husband and i afloat <3 

I will be posting new items to the shop every few days until the 15th <3 

Thank you all!


You receive 
- hand sewn leather pouch 
- lichen specimen 
- little bug box with rodent bones and partial skull 
- vertebra necklace
- single feather earring
- and plastic skeleton hand ( Halloween prop <3)

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Please take more selfies, you're beautiful<3

haha thank you kind stranger : )  buuuut nope…. 
I post too much of my face as is, no need for more. 
Much rather post bones and bugs. <3 

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