Moon and bone.
Set one for the giveaway. 
On the 19th i will randomly choose a winner for this set, all you have to do is reblog which counts as one entry, feel free to reblog as much as you’d like. 
I would rather this go to a customer or at least current followers, This is intended to be a thank you for those who have supported me and my creations : ) 

As i keep unpacking in my new home i know i will find more trinkets and pieces to put within the set, those will not be photographed so they will be a surprise to whomever wins.  : ) 

Set includes:

- Two little duck feathers i collected last summer. 
-1  vial filled with various shark teeth from my personal collection
-1  vial filled with various toe bones and claws from both coyote and raccoon
- 1 vial filled with 2 shed red eared slider plates from my little turtle
- a piece of coral
-small bit of brown reindeer moss
- Bone and feather earring 
- 3 Raccoon vertebra pieces, one drilled for you to make into a pendant
- mummified squirrel tail tip
-hen bone
-2 other small unidentified bones
- Beaver jaw necklace ( missing all teeth but one
- mini vial  filled with horse hair and lavender
-mini vial with flower petals,lavender and dried ladybugs
-mini vial with little pieces of dried wheat,yellow reindeer moss and dried bee
- Leather moon cycle patch ( Note the back of it has a unfinished version) 
- and what other small goodies i can find. 

thank you again.