The dark crystal

This is set number two for the giveaway
Every reblog counts as an entry, a winner will be chosen on the 19th
I want customers/ current followers for this giveaway because it is meant to be a thank you for all those who have helped keep my shop alive. 

Side Note:
as i keep unpacking in my new home i will be adding small items to this lot, those items will not be photographed so whomever wins this set will have a surprise. 

This Small set includes:

- A toe bone and feather earring
-two pheasant feathers
- unidentified rib bone
- lock of horse hair
-raccoon jaw bone earring 
-3 raccoon vertebra
-small bunch of brown reindeer moss
- small vial of yellow reindeer moss, dried wheat,stone fly shell and dried ladybug
-small vial of rodent bones,peacock strands and flower petals
-small vial of moth wings
- vial filled with various sized shark teeth
-vial filled with toe bones and claws
- brown leather patch i created. I drew most inspiration from the movie “the dark crystal” 

thank you again : )